National Honor Society

The National Honor Society at Community School of Davidson recognizes those students who represent our School to the highest standard in academics, character, leadership, and service.  The privilege of being in the National Honor Society is paired with the inherent responsibility of acknowledging the NHS member’s role as a leader and role model for all other members of the CSD community.  Therefore, members of the National Honor Society are held to a higher standard than what is expected of others in the community. 

Academics:  Candidates must have a minimum overall 3.7 unweighted GPA.  The overall GPA is based on grades through the end of the sophomore year for junior candidates and the end of the junior year for senior candidates.  NHS members are expected to maintain this cumulative GPA as a condition for continued membership.

Moral Character:  Members of the National Honor Society hold themselves to the highest standard and always try to make the right decision, however difficult that decision may be.  Because NHS members exemplify honorable moral character, infractions of the Honor Code may prohibit the acceptance of candidates or revoke the membership of current members.

Leadership:  NHS members are expected to serve as leaders in the CSD community.  Students may exhibit leadership by serving as a leader in student government, active school clubs, sports teams, community service or performing arts organizations. NHS members should also be leaders in the classroom.  Students may act as leaders in the classroom by offering to help fellow students and the teacher, by active participation in class discussions and activities, and by acting as role models for their classmates.

Service:  NHS members are expected to recognize the importance of serving others by actively giving back to the community.  Service is a volunteer action for the benefit of others, whether performed as a school activity or with a church or community group.  NHS applicants are expected to demonstrate a diversity of service involvements and to provide a detailed record of this service.  Current members are expected to sustain this commitment once inducted into the NHS. Once selected for membership, students are expected to maintain or increase their previous level of service. Furthermore, NHS members are expected to participate in serving the community through actively engaging in NHS projects, events, and meetings.  They are required to attend regularly scheduled meetings, write the bylaws, and plan service activities and projects for the year.  Inactive involvement in the NHS may serve as grounds for dismissal from the organization.

Summary:  NHS members are role models for the CSD community.  They are students who enliven the school community with their joy of learning and who share their understanding graciously with their peers.  They are people of compassion, understanding their success is not a pedestal that sets them above their fellow students, but rather is a responsibility to be shared with others.  They are young men and women who serve this community by working cooperatively to solve problems.  They actively seek to live up to the values on which our school is founded, to strengthen its community, and to further its mission.

NHS Timeline 2021-2022

NHS Timeline

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