We are fortunate to have a supportive community of families and businesses who willing contribute to our annual fundraising efforts. As we discuss every year, parent participation in fundraising is critical.

As a charter school, CSD receives public funds for the administrative costs of school operations such as teacher salaries, learning materials for students, utilities and lease payments (we receive the same amount as local public schools for these operating expenses). However, we do not receive public funds for capital expenses, which is a significant part of our annual budget. This includes capital start-up expenses associated with our school such as land, buildings, renovations, classroom furniture and equipment. Public charter schools ONLY get the operating expenses portion of public school funding. If we received the same capital funds that other public schools receive, our funding would be significantly higher and we would have less need for fundraising.

We ask that you ponder this challenge as a family and set goals for supporting this important journey for our students.

Yearly we've promised to keep our efforts to a minimum in hopes that asking for contributions would preclude our students from soliciting items door to door or other labor intensive fundraisers that produce minimal returns. We are committed to 2 annual fundraising events each year with a 3rd added every other year.

Each year - Capital Campaign and Golf Tournament • Auction - Alternating years

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Everyday Fundraisers

Everyday Fundraisers