Dear Parents of Rising 1st and 2nd Graders,

Community School of Davidson is excited to announce the CSD RIPPLE (Remote & In-Person Personalized Learning Experience) PILOT program which will open in August of the 2021-2022 school year. Please review the information below. Registration is currently OPEN and slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to register for the CSD RIPPLE Pilot program, please complete this form. Remember that the CSD RIPPLE program is entirely separate from the traditional CSD on-campus program and will in no way provide an alternate entry into the traditional CSD Program. To be clear, these are entirely separate programs with entirely separate lotteries and students will not be able to move directly from one to the other.

Program Description:

The CSD RIPPLE model will include a combination of remote and in-person instruction and learning opportunities. Students will attend one half day in-person session and at least one other shorter Zoom check-in session with their teacher each week. Fridays will be reserved for whole group get-togethers, field trips, extra individual and small group meetings, and more! The remaining time in students’ days will be made up of “asynchronous activities.” During their in-person time each week, students will be in small groups of 8-12 students so that the teacher can focus lessons and activities to best suit the needs of each student.

Goals/Objectives of the Program:

For years, CSD leaders have dreamed of a way to serve a population of families who desire a top-notch CSD education but also want flexibility with the school week in addition to a parent role that is much more involved with the daily educational experiences for their children. This program is ideal for families who are seeking a creative learning option but who also want to maximize family time and time spent learning outside of the classroom. As is the case with the more traditional CSD model, this program requires a strong home/school partnership where parents will be intimately involved in executing the remote learning portion of the program. Parent education opportunities will help strengthen the parents’ ability to take a strong lead role in the elementary educational experience. We are also excited to explore opportunities for compacted learning opportunities that work well for students to move along at a faster pace and advance more quickly as individual learners.


What do you mean by “pilot” program?

At this time, CSD will test this program for one year before making future decisions about this program. We can promise that we will deliver one year of high quality, magical learning experiences for your child, and at the end of that year, we will determine next steps. We want to make sure that all participants understand that this is currently a one-year commitment. Assuming this program goes well, we would continue into year 2 with a goal of possibly growing the program to include additional grades and cohorts in future years.

Year 1 2 Cohorts (1 first grade, 1 second grade)

Year 2 2 Cohorts (1 second grade, 1 third grade)

Year 3 If successful we would proceed with grades 3 and 4 and

possibly open additional cohorts

If I decide this program does not work for my family, can I transfer into the CSD brick-and-mortar program?

No. These are two separate programs, so it will not be possible for students to transfer from one program to the other. Admittance will be determined by two separate lotteries. While in this program, you can still apply for the regular CSD lottery if you want to seek admission into our traditional CSD K-12 program.

How many classes will there be participating in this CSD RIPPLE program?

For this first year, we intend to run two class cohorts with two elementary teachers who will co-teach and co-design this program. They will work closely with CSD Teacher Leader, Andie Snyder, to design and execute this program.

What type of technology will be involved?

At the onset of the program, each student will be issued a school-owned device. This device will travel back and forth between school and home and will be used to access online platforms such as Schoology, web-based games and applications, Google Drive, etc....

How much screen time is anticipated?

While there will definitely be screen time involved, CSD is committed to delivering developmentally appropriate, brain-friendly instruction to all students and in all models. We will balance screen time with ample opportunities for paper/pencil learning, reading “real” books, writing, learning math through manipulatives, science experiments, discussions, etc....

What is the parent role in this model of education?

While the teacher will be responsible for planning all instruction and learning experiences, the parent will play a significant role in implementing the instruction that happens outside of the classroom. The teacher and parent will stay in close contact and will partner to individualize learning for each student. The parent will also be responsible for transporting their child to and from in-person learning times.

Where will the in person meetings occur?

Our CSD RIPPLE classes will meet at our Spartan Park in Huntersville, NC. Our field house includes a classroom and both teachers will meet with students out of that facility.

I am interested in this model, but I do not consider myself to be a “techie” parent. Is this the right fit for my family?

Yes! We understand that many parents may be on a learning curve with technology, and we are prepared to equip parents and students with the skills and knowledge required to be successful.

Please reach out to Andie Snyder at with any questions!