Everyday Fundraisers

‚ÄčThere are many ways that you can help raise money for CSD by doing everyday things.  Please take a quick look at the simple steps that you can take to contribute to CSD all year long!


Print Social - Visit PrintSocial.com for your printing needs and they will give 5% back to CSD through their Print with a Purpose program.   Get high quality printing from business cards to yard signs to invitations to holiday cards.

Our school receives a donation for every receipt picture taken through the free Shoparoo app.  Snap a receipt from convenience stores, grocery stores, clothing stores and drug store etc. There is no limit to how much we can raise with Shoparoo, so please download the app and started taking pictures today.  

Box Tops for Education - Clipped Box Top labels can be brought to the school for redemption.  Each label is worth ten cents. Keep those tops coming.  If you can trim them before you send them in, that helps even more!   See a list of products with labels here.

Schoola collects pre-loved women's and children’s clothes, preps and sells them online, and gives 40% of the proceeds back to CSD. As a rule of thumb, please choose items in good shape that originally retailed for more than $15. Click on this link to view our school’s tracking page where you can: 1) request a postage paid donation bag to send in more clothing that benefits our school, 2) view our fundraising progress, or 3) shop for quality pre-loved clothing from top brands.


Amazon Smile - visit Smile.Amazon.com and link your account to CSD through this Amazon charitable arm.  CSD will receive .5% on all qualifying purchases.

Tyson Labels – Tyson Project A+ is a special program sponsored by Tyson Foods Inc. The program is designed to help schools earn extra money quickly and easily. The money may be used in any way the school chooses. For more information and details on the program visit the Tyson Project A+ website by clicking here.  Marked Tyson labels can be brought to the school for redemption.  Each label is valued at $1.00.  Tyson does not accept partial labels so please do not cut out the small, black Project A+ portion of the label separately. 

Can-Do recycling – There is a collection trailer along side of carpool. Help the environment as we work towards our yearly campaign goal.

Ebay – When you list an item on ebay a portion or the whole sales amount can be given to the school.  Look for this option when posting your item(s).  You will see CSD in a list as a charitable option.  It’s like having a garage sale benefiting the school – but without the snooping neighbors camping out at 6AM.

Store/Loyalty Programs

Harris Teeter Vic -  Last year we raised $3,582.85 through this program.  So please, please, please link those cards!!!!  You can also tell your cashier as you are checking out to link your card to 5132 (they can look it up, but it helps to know the number.)  Remember to re-link each year on or shortly after August 1st for the new school year.  

Target – Target has a great rewards program, find out more at Target REDcard.  If you have a Target Visa, don’t forget to tie it to CSD too. 

Publix - Each time you shop at Publix scan your CSD key tag (available at the front desk) and CSD will receive a portion of the sale through their Publix Partners program.

MyCokeRewardsCoke Rewards Program

Online Shopping and Searching

You can make a contribution to the school by doing your online shopping through various portals.  The school earns a percentage of your online purchase when you link through the following websites and then shop online as usual.  There is no additional cost to you plus many of these sites offer coupons or use a coupon found elsewhere just as you would by directly linking to their site.

GoodShopGoodShop  Retailers range from Amazon to Barnes & Noble to Apple to Macys.  Link to see the extensive list of retailers.

Mamapedia -  Mamapedia Similar to Groupon and other social saving sites, Mamapedia offers family discounts in the Charlotte area while giving 5% back to the school.  Our school code 3UL2.

GoodSearch – Each search can earn us money if you do internet searches through GoodSearch.