Emergency Notification

Delayed Start Alert

2-Hour Delayed Opening FOR TUESDAY, January 10: Carpool at HS opens at 9:20 and at K7 at 9:30. Instruction begins at both campuses at 10 am. Parents, please make travel decisions to and from school tomorrow that serve your family's safety best. All absences and tardies that parents report due to unsafe travel conditions will be excused. High school drivers, please keep your speeds in the school neighborhood to a minimum. Do not take chances!

Release On: 2017/01/09

Release Until: 2017/01/10

Enabled: False


Both K7 Open Houses (morning and evening) and the scheduled morning HS sesssion are rescheduled to the same times and locations next Tuesday, January 17.

Release On: 2017/01/10

Release Until: 2017/01/16

Enabled: True