Science & Technology


At CSD, we believe it is our responsibility to to spark student curiosity about the world in which they live.  Our inquiry-based science model utilizes an investigative approach to teaching and learning where students are provided with opportunities to investigate problems, search for possible solutions, make observations, ask questions, test out ideas, and think creatively about the world.   We do this by engaging students in collaborative “labs” that utilize scientific inquiry rather than having students read a textbook and answer questions at the end of the chapter.  That is not to say that reading and writing are not woven into science instruction and learning. However, the focus is on the “doing” and the exploration, and then writing is used as a means of processing observations  and communicating ideas.


In this age of information, CSD is committed to cultivating 21st Century thinking skills in our students. However, we firmly adhere to  a developmentally-appropriate approach to the utilization of technology in the classroom. As students grow and develop, they are further exposed to more developmentally-appropriate technology in order to enhance and strengthen their understanding of concepts they are learning in class. As they get older, particularly entering grades 5-8, students will engage in interactive programs that allow both teachers and students to simultaneously work together on projects and activities. Students will learn to responsibly navigate websites that are relevant to current topics being taught in class. They will also be encouraged to use technology to demonstrate understanding of concepts through both individual and class presentations. At the core of this instruction, however, remains the classroom teacher, whom we feel is the most integral part of facilitating a child’s daily classroom learning.  Therefore, along with increasing concerns over the effect of screen time on young children, technology exposure and interaction remains quite limited in the early grades.