Advisory Program

Each advisory follows its own script, weaving together time for students to review their agendas with their advisors or reflect in their advisory journals; to discuss a common reading or debate current events; to plan a special event or project for the school and/or community; and to share high and low points with the group, or give or receive feedback on work in progress. Advisories give CSD students a place to practice newly learned skills and develop their identities with a safety net. Students should be able to rely on their advisor to help learn from their experiences, comprehend social changes and changing relations with family and peers, act on their behalf to access resources needed for he/she to succeed.

Some highlights are as follows:

  • One advisor is assigned to approximately 12 students to form an advisory.
  • Each advisory loops together for all three years of middle school.
  • Not a program add-on, but connected to teaming, curriculum selection, classroom management, and community service
  • Meets twice a week during lunch and during selected Seminar events.
  • Advisors are authentic leaders.  With these aims in mind, they have substantial freedom in selecting and scheduling activities in order to meet these goals and the needs and interests of their advisees.
  • A core of recognizable aims listed below guides all advisory tasks.

Building Community/Social Relations
Team-building activities
hallenge/Ropes Courses
Birthdays and Celebrations
Special Events/Meals

Self-Discovery and Career Planning
Journals/Reflection time
Interests/Learning Styles
Career Exploration
Goal Setting/Decision Making 

Organization and Academic Planning
Developing a Portfolio/Public Speaking/Conferencing Skills
Time Management
Study Skills           

Community Connections/Service Learning

Health and Wellness
Conflict Resolution
Substance Abuse Prevention/Media Awareness
Sexuality Education
Stress Management/Coping Skills
Consumer Economics/Financial Literacy