Parent Role and Information

Parents play a pivotal role at Community School of Davidson. We seek a vital partnership between home and school because we view parents as our students' first and most important teachers. We need and expect your help in educating our students.

To facilitate that partnership we engage parents in multiple ways. For instance, we welcome and encourage parents to volunteer at school and offer training sessions to ensure that all volunteers have the skills needed to be successful with students. We also offer a variety of parent workshops throughout the year that are open to the public and free of charge.  In addition, we often organize book club opportunities throughout the year for teachers and parents.  We are committed to putting the talents and skills of our parents to work for our students.  We believe that including parents in our students' education strengthens the relationship between families and their school and helps build a sense of community.

We consider parents to be our closest partners and want all of the energy in that partnership to be focused on the students at Community School of Davidson. Because of this close partnership, we believe that families should consider our teaching philosophy carefully before joining our school. To that end, we strongly encourage parents to attend one of our Open Houseswhich are offered both during the day and evening in the months of October through January.