High School

The Community School of Davidson High School opened its doors in the fall of 2010 with 102 9th graders and graduated its first class in the Spring of 2014. In the Fall of 2015 we elected to move the current 8th grade class to share stand-alone space in the high school building to facilitate the transitional curriculum we have in place for that grade level. The High School is located just a few blocks away from the facility that houses our K-7 program.

Like our elementary and middle school frameworks, our high school takes its inspiration from the work of Dr. Ernest Boyer and builds on his Basic School model. Our high school students not only participate in traditional core academic course work, but also have extensive opportunities to discover, explore, and develop their individual interests and abilities through a cohesive curriculum in a supportive, and creative community.  Whether drawn to the arts, sciences, technology, humanities or physical education, students are challenged to reach beyond their comfort zones, think creatively, and learn through real life applications and experiences. Our goal is to help each student find his or her love for learning and prepare every student for college, vocation, service, and life.

Scholarship, individuality, diversity, integrity, respect, and accountability are integral to the community we have built at CSD.  But with reasonably small classes and an emphasis on relationships and community, we’re able to offer more than the usual high school experience.  CSDHS provides a rich learning environment in which students come to know themselves well and are truly known and seen as valuable by their classmates and the faculty.