SAT/ACT Testing

PLAN (State Mandated Sophomore Year)
PLAN is a diagnostic assessment that indicates strengths and areas of need to provide a road map to success for high school students. PLAN offers a mid-point assessment of academic progress toward college and career readiness and is the most powerful predictor of performance on the ACT. It can be used for course placement, including dual enrollment and more rigorous courses. PLAN also includes a career interest inventory and an educational/career plan component.

ACT (State Mandated Junior Year)
ACT test results are widely accepted by college admissions offices and considered an accurate gauge of classroom achievement. ACT results may be used at the high school level to identify students who need assistance with certain subject areas or academic skills, evaluate effectiveness of instruction, and make adjustments to curriculum to improve instruction. Colleges use the ACT for admissions decisions, course placement, academic advising and loans and scholarships. ACT offers a dedicated website for NC that is specifically related to our administration of the ACT. You can find the NC-specific ACT website here.

PSAT (Given at CSD: Sophomore Year- Optional; Junior Year-Required)
The PSAT is a standardized test from the College Board that offers students an opportunity to practice testing in an environment and with a format similar to the SAT and compete for National Merit Scholarships. The PSAT assesses students in three areas: 1) critical reading, 2) mathematical problem-solving, and 3) writing.

SAT (Junior & Senior Year)
Like the PSAT, the SAT is a standardized test from the College Board that colleges use as one measure to assess student achievement and readiness for college-level coursework. The SAT evaluates students as critical readers, math problem solvers, and writers. 

Outside Study Resources 

College Board and ACT offer a number of ways to prepare for the SAT and ACT.

Download the SAT Question of the Day by clicking here. Once there, you can subscribe to receive a daily SAT question in your email, answer practice questions, even try your hand at a free practice test and much more. Unsure what your study plan should be? Yeah, there's an app for that too! 
College Board also offers a number of study/preparation materials for a cost on this site as well. Once students have created an account and taken the PSAT, there is even more targeted help. 

Visit ACT's website for online prep by clicking HERE. Here you will find the only test preparation designed exclusively by ACT. ACT also has practice tests and daily questions online. 

Another Question of the Day resource for the SAT/ACT can be found HERE