CSD Booster Club

Encourage and support the CSD athletic program through financial, service and spirit based activities. Incorporating Athletics, Academics and Arts all into one.


The CSD Athletic Booster club is an extension of CSD Sports Board.  Our goal is to support the development of the whole person: character, social and academic dimensions, as well as the physical development. We desire students to be able to compete in all aspects of life with dignity and to have pride in themselves, their families, teammates, school and community.

 The CSD Booster club is unique in that it supports all aspects of student development. We intend to raise funds from corporate sponsors and individual families that share a common vision to change the world by developing young people into individuals that are well rounded in Athletics, Arts and Academics. We desire to bring financial value to each family through our fund raising efforts and offer scholarship funds to family’s in need. We ask that you consider boosters as above and beyond your typical donations to CSD.

 Corporate sponsorship programs are being developed to drive a broader community perspective with our school. Our goal is to introduce local businesses to the great student body at CSD and drive community involvement in all aspects of CSD.

 Some questions you may have…

What will it cost to join Boosters?   Boosters will offer a tiered membership. Our goal is to offer 3 levels, each with a different level of value offered for membership. How long will my membership last? Booster membership is and annual fund raising effort and your membership will be for the current school year.

Who maintains the funds offered to boosters? Complete transparency is a must. Funds will be deposited into the CSD boosters account. The financials will be maintained as required by the North Carolina Charter School program. Auditing and compliance will be integrated into the existing CSD process and we have an outside firm handling boosters monthly revenues / expenditures and financial statements.

Will any of my Boosters donations go to other CSD programs? Yes, one of our goals is to support and fund critical  CSD Academics and Arts programs. Our goal is to completely offset all sports expenditures from CSD’s general fund, raise more funds for sports facilities and give back to the school we all enjoy. It’s a big goal but, it’s our desire to make it happen.

 Will Elementary and Middle School be involved – Yes, we believe we are one school and we desire the entire school to be involved. Our varsity sports programs and student athletes have much to offer their younger peers. We will be offering programs to keep all students involved in CSD Athletics like the “Introduction to Sports Program” being developed now by the athletic department