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Our Athletics Program
The athletics program at Community School of Davidson are based on “out of the box coaching.”  This involves a holistic approach, which we call “Coaching the Total Kid”, and focuses on the physical, mental and emotional development of each student athlete in a personalized way during each sports season.

CSD coaches take advantage of  the tremendous opportunities within the sports experience to teach lasting life lessons including teamwork, perseverance, sportsmanship, poise, leadership and hard work.  The beauty of these lessons is that they can be applied not only on the playing field/court, but also in the classroom, the family room, the neighborhood and throughout life.

Sports Calendars

All calendars are created in Google.  If you have a Google account you can subscribe and have event show up directly in your calendar.

HS Sports Calendar

Sports Fees and Booster Memberships

Both payments can be taken care of online by 
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