Service Learning


Virtues take on meaning when they are lived. CSD is committed to developing relationships across the generations. For too long, our society has separated the generations and created a horizontal culture. We strive to bring senior citizens into our school on a regular basis and we also reach out to the seniors in the community. As part of our service learning, each class visits a nursing home/retirement facility once a month. During these trips, students participate in a variety of art, music and learning activities with the senior community. We want our students to not only learn from these wonderful people who bring so much from the past, but to also experience the joy of giving back to the community and its older generation.

Service learning is 
"a teaching and learning approach that integrates community service with academic study 
to enrich learning, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities."

Learning in Deed: The Power of Service-Learning for American Schools
(National Commision on Service Learning, 2001)

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Beginning in 8th Grade, the CSD curriculum fully integrates community-based, service learning courses within the regular school week. The approach serves three purposes:


  1. to provide students real-world practice in the skills they're learning in the classroom
  2. to model the benefits of building ties with and proactively serving the community
  3. to engender a commitment to life-long learning in each of our students

By maintaining close ties with the Davidson community, including town officials, local residents and business owners, and Davidson College, CSD is able to offer its students placements in a wide array of settings representing disciplines as varied as planning and architecture, the performing arts, local governance, bench and field scientific research, animal husbandry and agriculture, community development and outreach, and conservation and historic preservation.