Reproductive Health and Safety Education

This year, the 9th grade students will have an opportunity to participate in a Reproductive Health & Safety Education Curriculum, which is a continuation of our middle school program.  This course, in conjunction with the 9th grade Wellness course, will fulfill the Health/PE NC Graduation Requirement.  We have heavily researched various curricula and have determined that this program is both age and content appropriate for our students at CSD High School.  We have consulted with the North Carolina Comprehensive School Health Training Center located at Appalachian State University, which provides programs throughout the state of NC for teachers, nurses, counselors, administrators, and public health educators to reduce health-risk behaviors in children and adolescents.

These lessons continue to promote the philosophy that parent(s)/guardian(s) are the primary sexuality educators of their children.  We see the role of the schools as: providing children with developmentally appropriate information that promotes respect for human sexuality and family living; reinforcing and supporting family and personal values; promoting healthy attitude development; and providing opportunities for development of skills needed to help them make responsible decisions.   Please note that in order to involve you as much as possible, your student will be asked to share with you those things he/she learns in class.  We believe that this age offers a critical window of opportunity to discuss with your student important issues and family values regarding human sexuality. 

Parents are welcome to review the Reproductive Health and Safety Education Curriculum at any time. The curriculum may be viewed either at the front desk of the high school or online.

Parents/Guardians may also come to a Drop-in Q& A Session the first Tuesday in December at 8:30 am. Please email Jessica Smith ( if you plan to attend. You may also contact her with any questions or concerns.

If after reviewing the entire curriculum, you would like for your student to opt out of a lesson(s), please fill out the following form and return to it to the HS front desk by the first Wednesday of January.

The Reproductive Health and Safety Education Curriculum may be viewed HEREIf after reviewing the entire curriculum, you do not wish for your student to participate in a certain topic please let us know by completing the opt-out form that can be found HERE.