College Tours/U-Visits

The best way to explore a college or university is to get out there and see it! Students are encouraged to not only visit schools they are interested, but also take a guided tour, meet with an admissions counselor and talk to currently enrolled students. We strongly encourage students to explore colleges and universities through campus tours, peer sharing and virtual tours.

Campus Tours/U-visit

CSD thinks actually stepping foot on campuses is so important that we are designating a number of “optional college visit days” each school year. On these days students may visit colleges and their absence will be considered a college field trip and therefore excused. Our only requirement is that families bring proof of the college visit as well as complete a college visit form that students will keep in the college visit file we are asking each student to maintain throughout high school.  

Peer Sharing

We will also ask all students who visit colleges to share a bit about their experiences during advisory. Another great way to learn about schools is through word of mouth. It is our hope that students can help educate their peers on schools they may not be familiar with and pique their interests in further exploration.

Virtual Tours

Some schools may just be too far away for a weekend trip, so that is where virtual tours come in! There are many great websites that offer professional and student directed tours. This is a great way to see the campus and gain some insight from current students. In addition to websites devoted to virtual tours, many colleges and universities have a virtual tour option on their own website.