College and Career Planning

Welcome to the Career and College Counseling Center at CSD! Our counselors are eager to help students and their families begin the search for colleges and universities that are a good fit for them based on their interests and abilities.  Our Career and College Counseling Team (CCCT) will be there to help all students with the application process.

At CSD, the Career and College Counseling Program begins in middle school where students begin to discover their own learning styles, interests, values and skills and how this process exposes them to many career possibilities.  Building on knowledge gained in middle school, the students continue to participate in this exploration program through weekly seminar activities based on their grade level. 

The Career and College Counseling Team also provides resources for parents through workshops, special presentations, and book reads all throughout middle and high school. Our families will be equipped and well prepared for the college application journey in the junior and senior years of high school. Click here to see our four year plan for career and college planning.

Our Career & College Counseling Team (CCCT) is ready to help guide our families through this process.  Feel free to email us or stop by our office to browse through our books and brochures or ask questions.

Ms. Jessica Smith ( Students A-J
Mrs. Ann Marie McAfee ( Students K-Z