CSDHS is committed to providing a comprehensive developmental counseling program that addresses the academic, career and personal/social development of all students. Our school counselors are advocates who work with students as they grow to their fullest potential within a safe and supportive school environment. Partnering with students, CSD teachers, administrators, and staff, as well as parents, guardians, and the community, the counseling staff offers a support system that extends past the school walls. Our comprehensive counseling for high school students includes:

Personal Counseling
CSD's counseling staff are available to provide responsive services such as individual counseling to students in need, group counseling that addresses a range of developmental and social issues, and referrals to outside counseling practices as appropriate.

College and Career Planning
Beginning in 9th grade, students embark on an exploration of their academic and vocational interests in preparation for developing a plan for post-secondary education and employment. Through one-on-one sessions, small group investigations, and full-class seminars, students begin to define and articulate their interests, investigate different career paths and review a variety of postsecondary options.

Our College Board code is: 340973

Academic Planning
Guidance Counselors and administrators meet with students each year to select courses and develop a personalized four-year plan of studies. Counselors and administrators also monitor academic progress, help students develop study skills, assess their own development, and create and follow study plans that meet individual needs. In addition, our counselors and administrators work with students to identify off-campus and extracurricular educational opportunities.

State-Mandated and College Readiness Testing
CSDHS students participate in an array of testing, including state-mandated assessments and optional college readiness exams. At this time, the state requires all high school students to take three EOC assessments: English 1 (next year, this test will be administered after English 2), Algebra 1, and Biology. The state now mandates that high school students take PLAN in December of the sophomore year and ACT in spring of the junior year. These two college readiness tests, together with the PSAT and SAT, comprise the battery of assessments that satisfy college admissions requirements. CSD will administer the PSAT in the fall for 10th graders (optional) and 11th graders. We will also serve as an SAT testing site for a single test administration each spring.