Academic Environment

CSD High School is based on a shared community belief that all students are entitled to a school environment that supports their intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs that will prepare them for college and successful adult life.

Requirements for the NC High School Diploma can be found here.

The CSDHS academic environment includes the following components:

  • Innovative curriculum and teaching methods that allow students to find meaning, purpose, and relevance for their studies as well as provide opportunities for hands-on learning experiences;

  • Differentiated instruction and low student-to-teacher ratios that contribute to student success and build strong relationships;

  • Cross-curricular emphasis on student writing skills;

  • Advanced coursework options such as honors courses and AP courses;

  • Traditional grading system paired with direct academic counseling to ensure that students use grades and feedback as tools for assessing understanding and progress;

  • Extensive college preparation program for all students designed by experienced college counselors;

  • Fully developed arts program which provides an opportunity for students to concentrate on one art of choice throughout the high school experience, including: drama, dance, music, visual arts, woodworking, and technology;

  • Half-credit classes that allow for further exploration in other media round out our arts options;

  • Wellness classes such as, martial arts, speed and agility training, strength training, and ball sports that build lifetime commitment to exercise, nutrition and healthy living;

  • Individualized opportunities for building leadership skills, including participation in school-wide decision making processes, off-campus work with community organizations, and mentoring roles in the middle and elementary schools;

  • Advisory groups that offer all students a connection to an adult advocate to whom they can turn for help and guidance;

  • Senior Capstone Project that offers every student the opportunity to identify and pursue an in-depth exploration of an area of academic interest. The final product includes at a minimum a research-based inquiry paper and a creative, artistic extension of that paper. Details for the requirements of the Capstone Project, as well as an overview of the process students follow in conducting their research, can be found here.

  • Team sports programs including: baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, football, golf, soccer, softball,  swimming, tennis, and volleyball;

  • State of the art classrooms, laboratories, art studios, and performance and practice spaces specifically designed to meet the needs of our unique mission and vision.