6th Grade Advisory Curriculum

Building Community

 Teambuilding Activities
Ropes Course
Understanding Differences/Taking Perspective
Bullying, Teasing, and Bystander Behaviors
Student Government
Conflict Resolution 


 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
Be Proactive (attitude and responsibility)
Begin with the End in Mind (goal-setting)
Put First Things First (organization/prioritization)
Think Win/Win (empathy/perspective)
 Seek First to Understand (communication)
 Synergize (teamwork)
 Sharpen the Saw (self-care)

Learning Styles and Profiles
Career Exploration/ Bridges 


Organizing Portfolios
Student Led Conferences
On-going Monitoring of Organizational Use of Agendas, Lockers and Accordion Folders 

Service Learning

Local Community Agencies


 Substance Abuse Prevention  (Analyzing Media, Gateway Drugs)
Refusal Skills and Problem-Solving with use of Peer Dilemmas
Stress Management