About the Conference

Fresh Take

Fresh Take: Strategies for Student Success is a conference by teachers for people interested in education including principals, parents, college students and educators.  The conference is brimming with real conversations, helpful interactions, applicable strategies and oodles of inspiration.  This is the 5th annual conference which will again have engaging dialogue among innovative, committed educators.


Top 10 Reasons to Attend

1. Be inspired!
2. Gain greater knowledge of best practices in education.
3. Celebrate education!
4. Tell your story...and learn from your peers.
5. Connect with progressive-thinking educators.
6. Be a part of the conversation ~ engage with the presenters and workshop leaders.
7. Learn what the future holds and what is happening on the leading edge of education.
8. Receive a Continuing Education Certificate, (more fun than you can imagine) 
9. This will be the most enlightening educational conference experience of the year.
10. Feel empowered to change the life of students, one child at a time.

What to Bring  
WiFi is available.  Laptops may be helpful if participating in tech workshops. Smartphones to access conference schedule.

CSD Mission
Community School of Davidson believes that every student can and will succeed in ways that reflect his or her own aptitudes and interests.  Our mission is to use the principles of  The Basic School to provide an optimum environment for learning in which:

Teachers and parents work together to create an inclusive community of learning. 

Students are intrinsically motivated as lifelong learners through hands-on teaching,integrated curriculum and real life learning with meaningful community connections.

Teachers are empowered and encouraged to teach to the needs of each individual student.

Fresh Take Agenda for Friday January 27, 2017  


7-8:00          Check-in and Breakfast

8-8:55          Keynote

8:55-9:00      Jumpstart

9:10-10        Session 1

10:10-11      Session 2

11:10-12      Session 3

12-1             Lunch

1:10-2          Session 4

2:10-3          Session 5

3:10-4          Session 6

4:10-5          Session 7

5:10-5:30     Session 8 Closing notes/Conference wrap