Communications Central

Community School of Davidson relies on a variety of social networking tools, as well as our Internet presence to  keep families.  All of these social networking tools can be accessed through the icons that appear on the top right and lower right corners of every page on the Web site. In addition the CSDCrier app, available free for both Google/Android and iOS platforms, aggregates all of these communications tools into one, easy-to-use app on your smartphone or tablet.

Here's an overview of our main communications tools:


Whether you are a veteran user of Facebook or a reluctant beginner, you can use Facebook to stay in touch with school. To access the CSDCrier on Facebook, click on the following link:

Click here to view the CSDCrier page.
In doing so, you will jump to the Facebook page that lists pertinent school-related announcements. The page is a public page, so you need not be a FB member to view the page or access links from it. You may simply bookmark it and check it regularly.

Click here to follow the CSDCrier on FB.
Should you choose this option, you will skip to a page that confirms you are now following the CSDCrier on your FB account. This message means that our announcements will be posted to your timeline on your FB page.

If you do have a FB account, you can choose to be notified when we post new announcements. To set your options. log on to FB. Look for the tiny gear in the right-corner of the blue Facebook bar at the top of the page.

1.     Click the gear.

2.     Click Account Settings in the small menu that appears.

3.     Once in the General Account Settings Page, look in the left-hand column for the Notifications option.

4.     Click Notifications.

5.     Once in Notifications you can choose whether to receive notifications in FB, by email, and/or by text.


If you have a Twitter account you can follow our CSDCrier announcements by following @CSDCrier. To choose to follow us:

1.     Log on to Twitter.

2.     Click inside the search window and type "CSDCrier."

3.     Click on the CSDCrier listing that the search function returns.

4.     Click on the "Follow" button on the right just under the CSD image.

You can find direct posts from the Admin team on our blog site at www.csdpowerofwe.orgOn the site, we offer our reflections on instruction and curriculum, as well as provide insights about the culture of learning we seek to create.